Parent Participation:
Each parent is asked to provide snacks for our Christmas Reception. We celebrate each child’s birthday (or ½ birthday) and parents are encouraged to send birthday party favors for their child’s group.  Dads are invited to join us for Dad’s Pumpkin Carving and Moms are invited to our Mother’s Day Show. If mom and dad are unable to attend the event, another adult is welcome to fill-in. We do not offer alternative activities if your preschooler is not participating in scheduled events.

You are welcome to observe your child’s class at any time.  However, the most effective observations are discrete.  Please sit in one of the designated viewing areas to avoid disturbing the class process and to observe your child in his/her natural environment.  Siblings are welcome to observe as well but must not disturb classes or participate on equipment.

The New Situation:
Children learn to adjust when change occurs in a positive manner.  Joining a group of children is an exciting change in a child’s life, but it may also be a bit scary.  We have found that children adjust to the new situations when the “good byes” are quick and cheerful.

Parties and Special Days:  

  • Orientation (required)
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Costume Party
  • Thanksgiving Celebration
  • Christmas Musical
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Mother’s Day Show
  • Community Guests

Send a healthy large snack/lunch and drink (preferably water). Please send containers/items that foster independence, and label your lunch bag/box clearly on the front with your preschooler’s name. Totem provides the morning snack.

Emergency Bags:
It is unlikely an earthquake or a major disaster would occur while your child was a school.  However, we want to be prepared.  During the orientation, you will receive a bag and list of item to provide for your child. These bags will remain at school through June. Please complete the list and return the bag to Totem by the second week of school. Emergency Bags may be purchased, but a photo, letter and emergency information sheet must be completed.

We welcome your comments, questions and communication with our teachers.  Email is the preferred method of communication.  Kindergarten Readiness Evaluations are completed in January.  If a “readiness” conference is warranted, one will be scheduled in January/February.

Enrichment/Field Trips:
Parents’ participation is necessary for transportation to off-site field trips. A yearly enrichment fee is assessed with your September tuition that is due August 1st. MWF and M-F:  $50./year  Theater, Aquarium or Zoo and multiple science visits. TTh: $30/year Theater and science guest

If the Lake Washington School District is completely closed due to power outage, weather or emergency community response, Totem Preschool will also be closed. Alternative schedules will NOT affect our class schedule. Information on closures may be located on the LWSD website or on your local news stations.

Dress your child assuming that he/she will be painting and active each class. Athletic shoes and socks should be worn each class. Please label any clothes that your child may remove.  Totem provides each preschooler with a school bag.  School bags should be brought to school each day.

If your child is sick, please keep him/her home and email to notify us of the absence.  A sick child will not have a positive experience at school.  In addition, he/she will expose other children.  If your child becomes ill at school, a parent will be notified to pick up the child.

Drop Off, Pick Up and Absenteeism:
We will admit children into the school at their designated time to begin class.  If you arrive early, we would appreciate you waiting in your car/door.  Following class please be present to pick up your child or carpool. Tuition remains the same regardless absenteeism due to illness, vacation or for any other reason. Tuition cannot be reduced, refunded or made-up.  A late fee of $1 per minute will be assessed for children picked up 10 minutes after their scheduled class ending.

Tuition remains the same each month throughout the year-yearly fee divided by 10 equal payments. Tuition is due the first class day of each month.  September tuition is due August 1st-minus the $200 deposit, and will include an additional field trip fee for the year.  If tuition/annual field trip fee is not received by August 1st, his/her space will be replaced by another child-no refunds will be given for registration fees. A 30-day written withdrawal notice is required when withdrawing from Totem Preschool LLC.  A $20.00 fee will be assessed for returned checks and checks received 10 days past due.  Totem accepts PayPal. Pay tuition online, here. A 3% fee will be added to payments.


Highly recommend – great preschool!
Mackie N.

My son absolutely LOVED his Totem time and misses the staff a lot now that he is in Kindergarten.

Becky G.

I highly recommend Totem Preschool. The teachers are fantastic and so is the program. There is a lot of focus on socio-emotional development.

Miss Bobbi is bundle of positive energy and clearly loves the kids. She’s very knowledgeable and is a great resource.

Heidi W.

“I couldn’t be happier with our 3 years at Totem. My son made the transition to Kindergarten seamlessly, though he definitely misses his old teachers and school! Miss Bobbi is as good as they come. My son is a busy body, and the programming was such that he could get out those 4-year-old wiggles while building the skills to excel at the next level. We look forward to sending our daughter to Totem next year, and joke regularly that we’d send them to Totem through High School if it were an option.”

Keenan S.

“My daughter has been attending this school for the 2016-2017 school year. It also includes free gymnastics and the tuition is beyond reasonable. Many families have children in the gymnastics next door and find this place to be a wonderful place to attend. Miss Bobbi is patient with my somewhat hyper child and I personally have had noting but great experiences here. Not sure why the crummy reviews from others but the complaints seem petty. And I know petty, I’m a school teacher myself, lol.

If you want a quality school with teachers with years of experience and a fun friendly preschool approach, totem preschool is the place :)”

Kathy R.

“We have our son at the school for the past year and it’s been fantastic. Miss Bobbi is incredible with her energy. It’s a great facility – having the kids run around in the gym each time is awesome. Thanks”

David B.

“Awesome and knowledgeable staff. Huge recommendation!”

Marina Žarić

“Both of my kids attend Totem and we are so happy. Great teachers and fun activities. I’m so glad we found Totem.”

Courtney Kroymann

“Our son loves Totem preschool and went 2 days a week the first year, then 3 days a week the 2nd. The teachers are all great and he has grown so much physically (strength and agility), socially and academically. He told me he didn’t want to go to kindergarten, He wants to stay at Totem forever! Recommend Totem to anyone looking for a great preschool!”

Katie Dujenski

“This school is a wonderful school. The teachers are amazing and really care about the kids. My son has been attending since he was 2 1/2 years old. Sadly this is his last year, but excited that in about a year his sister will definitely be attending this school. I highly recommend Totem Preschool to anyone!!”

Elyssa Bush