Our Philosopy

Our goal is to allow each child to become the best he or she can become by building self-esteem and increasing language skills and social awareness. Totem fosters a sense of “team”. Each team is encouraged to develop leadership and cooperation. Totem strives to provide inviting and stimulating activities to all children's abilities and learning styles. Totem offers a balance of activities that develops all areas of development. We accomplish this by offering 4 rotations of classrooms with specialists engaging our preschoolers in a variety of challenging and fun activities. Each classroom targets an area of development; language & social development, small motor growth through art, science & math and gross motor development through our PHYTNESS program in our gym.

What Makes Us Unique

Events that make Totem unique from other schools...

  • Woodland Park Zoo's Outreach Program and Animal Encounter visits!
  • Our preschoolers perform in a Christmas Program & Mother's Day Show!
  • Totem organizes field trips to: Kirkland Performance Center to see live musical performances!
  • Pumpkin carving & gym show-off day with a special adult!
  • Totem has a science curriculum including; live animal presentations!
  • Kelso’s Social Skill Program, Whole Body Learning and emotional intelligence activities are incorporated into our daily lessons. We coach our preschoolers in an organized play setting, while practicing social skills.
  • Each of our prekindergarten students receives an evaluation assessing their development!
  • PHYTNESS! Totem's Preschoolers are exposed to a full physical education program EVERY class.


Highly recommend – great preschool!
Mackie N.

My son absolutely LOVED his Totem time and misses the staff a lot now that he is in Kindergarten.

Becky G.

I highly recommend Totem Preschool. The teachers are fantastic and so is the program. There is a lot of focus on socio-emotional development.

Miss Bobbi is bundle of positive energy and clearly loves the kids. She’s very knowledgeable and is a great resource.

Heidi W.

“I couldn’t be happier with our 3 years at Totem. My son made the transition to Kindergarten seamlessly, though he definitely misses his old teachers and school! Miss Bobbi is as good as they come. My son is a busy body, and the programming was such that he could get out those 4-year-old wiggles while building the skills to excel at the next level. We look forward to sending our daughter to Totem next year, and joke regularly that we’d send them to Totem through High School if it were an option.”

Keenan S.

“My daughter has been attending this school for the 2016-2017 school year. It also includes free gymnastics and the tuition is beyond reasonable. Many families have children in the gymnastics next door and find this place to be a wonderful place to attend. Miss Bobbi is patient with my somewhat hyper child and I personally have had noting but great experiences here. Not sure why the crummy reviews from others but the complaints seem petty. And I know petty, I’m a school teacher myself, lol.

If you want a quality school with teachers with years of experience and a fun friendly preschool approach, totem preschool is the place :)”

Kathy R.

“We have our son at the school for the past year and it’s been fantastic. Miss Bobbi is incredible with her energy. It’s a great facility – having the kids run around in the gym each time is awesome. Thanks”

David B.

“Awesome and knowledgeable staff. Huge recommendation!”

Marina Žarić

“Both of my kids attend Totem and we are so happy. Great teachers and fun activities. I’m so glad we found Totem.”

Courtney Kroymann

“Our son loves Totem preschool and went 2 days a week the first year, then 3 days a week the 2nd. The teachers are all great and he has grown so much physically (strength and agility), socially and academically. He told me he didn’t want to go to kindergarten, He wants to stay at Totem forever! Recommend Totem to anyone looking for a great preschool!”

Katie Dujenski

“This school is a wonderful school. The teachers are amazing and really care about the kids. My son has been attending since he was 2 1/2 years old. Sadly this is his last year, but excited that in about a year his sister will definitely be attending this school. I highly recommend Totem Preschool to anyone!!”

Elyssa Bush